This document describes the story of The Revenge of Kalista. It is based on the description of Akagoria.

1. Introduction

A really long time ago, a really bad witch born. At the beginning she was a happy child but the murder of her parents traumatised her. When she asked help to the wizards, they refused, they were not interrested by a weak child. She decided to destroy this horrible world. She stoole an ancient ritual. She ask to the evil god Ike to become the one that will destroy the world. She received a lot of power and she began to destroy everything. The wizards reunited and created a spell to emprison Kalista forever.

Hundreds and hundreds of years after his imprisonment; Kalista is finally free.

2. Part 1: Arraband

Kalista wakes up and realizes that she has lost her power. And she’s hungry. She sees a village in the south. She meets a knight that warns her about an evil sorceress. On her path to Arraband, she finds a small sword, a small bow, a book of fire spell, a parchment of cure, a recipe for a small mana potion and clover to make the potion.

TODO: place shrines TODO: first creatures + alchemy, spells, bow

She arrives at the village. She realizes that she can’t leave the village because a rock blocks the exit of the village. Karie, the "mayor", informs her about the situation. She advices her to talk to King Guru, at Elatan. But before, she must help the village and talk to Grubee, the blacksmith. Grubee tells Kalista that he needs some iron to craft pickaxes for the villagers. He indicates some caves, not far from the village where there are some iron, but also some creatures.

TODO: incantation, swords

Kalista explores the caves and find some iron. She can also find a secret room where Grubee hides some items and gems. The rooms has a corridor to Grubee’s house. Kalista can give the iron to Grubee or tell Karie that the blacksmith hides some stuff in the caves. With the pickaxes, the villagers can unblock the village. And Kalista can leave the village toward Elatan.

2.1. Side quests at Arraband

2.1.1. Short quests

  • Mushrooms: The elder ??? asks Kalista to find mushrooms for her, as she can not go in the forest anymore because of her great age. Her son, ???, suggests Kalista to find special mushrooms that would help her mother to find eternal peace. Kalista can either find good mushrooms and give them to ??? and tell that her son would like to kill her, the elder gives the inheritance of the son; or find bad mushrooms to the son, and get some money.

  • Thieves: ??? asks Kalista to find the thieves that have stolen his family ring, that have much value. The thieves are, Leka (7) and Margin (13), are street vendors and scammers that are still in Arraband. They hide in a clearing nearby. Kalista find them and, after talking to Leka and Margin, achieves to get the ring back. Kalista can then have an arrangement with Leka and Margin to get half the price of the ring, or get the ring back to ???. (TODO: find a twist)

2.1.2. Medium quest

  • Spices: The innkeeper Kathrine (23) asks Kalista to go to Elatan and get some "spices" for her. Kalista must go to the inn at Elatan to meet Aliks, Kathrine’s sister. In fact, the "spices" are drugs for the inns' clients. Aliks tells Kalista the spices have disappeared, they have been confiscated by the royal guards.

2.1.3. Long quest

2.2. Other characters at Arraband


3. Part 2: Elatan

4. Part 3: Inichke

5. Part 4: Orta

6. Part 5: Uchun

7. Conclusion