This document describes the world of Akagoria.

1. History

1.1. Ancient Age

Many thousands years ago, the Six Divines created the world of Akagoria. Ale created life, Ike created evil, Moli created death. Then Pona, Sewi and Sijelo created the Humans giving them health, magic and vitality. The Divines lived among the Humans for many years. Nobody knows exactly how it ended, but the Divines disappeared. That was the end of the Ancient Age.

2. Geography

Akagoria is a wide world with many continents and islands.

Akagoria, the revenge of Kalista occurs on one of these islands, in the peaceful kingdom of Torb’Ordh.

3. Environment

3.1. Shrines

Table 1. Shrines
Name Color Role

Shrine of Ale


Save the game

Shrine of Ike


Provide XP

Shrine of Moli


Define a respawn point

Shrine of Pona


Provide HP

Shrine of Sewi


Provide MP

Shrine of Sijelo


Provide VP